3 Benefits Of Making Your Own Dog Food

Making your own dog food may sound appealing in today’s society. The main concern of everyone in this era is safety even though it seems time is slipping by. People are now making things at home to save money from retailer as well as protect their pets. We all know the recent reports flying around of how poisons have invaded the pet food and no pet owner wants to empty their wallet on treating a sick pet.

Here are the benefits of making your own dog food are:

Control on Intake
An easy way to know exactly what is in your dog’s dish is by making your own dog food. The trust that you have done the best to ensure their safety in consumption is increased because you get to know the ingredients and when their came from. Being able to control the portion size your dog feeds on will increase their health. You need to feed your pup more food at each sitting, a few of the manufactured foods have fewer nutrients per cup of food.

Your Dog’s Health
It’s obvious the number one concern of every dog owner is the safety of her pet. There is a great benefit right away as you will discover from making your own dog food. A healthy food causes their hair to be shiny and more lustrous. A great improvement on the skin will be real with less dandruff and other irritations. High quality organic food makes the dog energetic. They will be able to walk stronger, longer and playing as much as they can unlike dogs that are fed manufactured food. Less waste will be produced when you feed your dog with homemade food. Most manufactured foods do not digest properly because they contains high quantities of fiber in its fillers. Undigested foods makes the dog use the bathroom more and require more food to get the nutrients his body needs.

Saving For A Lifetime
You have to realize that making your own dog food will offer you a chance to save money over a lifetime of your pet. You can easily cut out any allergies or sensitivities that is associated with manufactured foods. Severe allergies occur in dogs as a result of the preservative in commercial food. A low-cost way to give your pup what he needs without introducing irritants is why making your own dog food is vital. In the long run, preparing homemade dog food will improve their general health and help you save some money for their total health.

American Diet – More Processed Foods, Less Natural Foods

The impact of refinement and food processing is a nutritionally poor diet.

Changes in our food habits took place over history, more so in the past 100 years. Processing has now become wide spread. It’s a sign of changing times and economic prosperity as Americans look for more and more foods that are quick and easy, and minimize the needs for home cooking. Many traditional and time tried balanced and health food habits were lost. Organ meats have taken a back seat to muscle meats that are relatively lower in several minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. After the domestication of wild animals, changes have occurred through breading and feeding. Commercialization of a limited range of stocks results in limitations in diversity, quantity, and quality of fats in animal foods. This implies a reduction in the essential fats and the possible increase in saturated fats.

The way the American food industry is set up, all foods undergo more processing than foods in other parts of the world, which strips the nutrients and dissociates food from its natural state. The dependence on canned and preserved foods is high, which results in nutritionally inferior foods.

For example, canned tomatoes and tomato puree will not contain as many phytonutrients and vitamin C as a regular, fresh tomato.

Processing brings about changes in the fat, mineral, and vitamin content of foods as well introducing into our food supply many substances foreign to our human body chemistry. Shortsighted farming methods deplete soils of minerals, decreasing the mineral content of the foods grown in these soils. The entire process ranging from cultivation, transport, storage, and processing can a heavy nutritional toll on the vitamin and mineral content of the agricultural products.

As Americans, we should rely on canned and processed foods once in a while, not all the time. It’s important to eat a diet rich in natural, organic foods that are free from any type of processing or refinement. This ensures that we obtain the maximum nutritional value from food.

Remember, processing is good for the profit margins of the food industry, but is not necessarily the best choice for the food consumer. Processed food is generally higher in sodium, lower in vitamins and minerals and protein. These foods are also higher in fat and carbohydrates, and may contain preservatives and other chemicals that add to the shelf life of food, but not necessarily its nutritional value.

Real Food, Less Regrets

Many of you have seen “What The Health” for some strange reason some of you have concluded that the information was biased. Well, I stand as living proof that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is the only lifestyle proven to reverse and prevent! Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few.

I would love an opportunity to share the principles of our Whole-Person Plant-Strong Lifestyle Movement with your community. Our Whole-Person Plant-Strong lifestyle is built on principles that I live each day. I am 49 years old even with celiac, arthritis, and vitiligo, I am not on any prescription drugs. I have a blood pressure of 98 over 69 my cholesterol is 172, my glucose is 100, and I weigh 135 pounds. I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life

It makes me sad, and very angry, to see so many of us eating ourselves to death! I would love to teach you how to exchange your traditional recipes for their healthier, more affordable, nutritious, plant-based varieties. It’s time out for existing in denial. It’s time to live the abundant God designed life, we were all created for with hope, in freedom with Liberty! Please join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Guidelines on the Go!

Eating on the go guidelines:. Remember we don’t have control over that is being produced in grocery stores or restaurants.However,we do have control over what we choose to buy and consume.

These little changes will make a difference. If the missing elements in our lifestyle are vitamins and minerals why do we focus on protein? That one nutrient is not going to help to achieve the goal of total Health and Wellness.

One of the goals of our movement is to consume colorful whole, unprocessed foods as close to the way God created them as possible. Eat smaller portions, slowly, around a table with others.

When you’re out and on-the-go remember the rainbow is always the most important requirement. The essential color being green. Make sure you consume dark rich colors red, orange, yellow and purple the more vibrant the colors, the more nutritious the option.

Before you order or eat anything ask yourself

5 questions

1 Is this real food, can I recognize and pronounce the ingredients?

2 If I left it out on my counter would it spoil?

3 Will this add to or take away from the good bacteria in your digestive tract? (Remember your digestive system feeds on healthy bacteria like fiber.)

4 Will this choice lead to reward or regret?

5 Is this going to make me feel good and energized, or bad and lethargic?

Mindset shift:

Free your mind of your old way of thinking, and your life will follow.

Call to Action:

Begin to consume your meals on smaller plates this is an excellent way to control portions.


Old habits: Large processed food options, eating extremely fast alone in a car.

New habit: Smaller whole plant derived meals eaten slow, with others at a table.